Calais Australian Shepherds / Rick & Terri Morgan & Libby Stibley and Carolina Aussies/ Selena Poplin decided to join forces in presenting this website for your pleasure.

We have teamed up and have co-bred all of the litters here at Calais Carolina and have formed a very successful breeding program consistantly producing sound, intelligent, versatile, winning aussies that also make wonderful family pets. Selena and Terri started showing Aussies about the same time. Selena had been to a couple of shows when Terri met her, then off to a show they went and the rest is history. Both Carolina and Calais have some of the same foundation dogs as well as breeding ethics and convictions so it was a natural match for the partnership that now exists

Rick continues to work hard at being Terris husband, the kennel maintenance man and building whatever equipment we decide we need to get going in a new area of competition! Rick has his home based business doing metal artwork. RAMWORKS Metal Artwork is the link to his new site. He is doing everything from specialized trophies to custom gates, deck railings and all types of things. Contact him at his cell at 720-883-4341 or email to Rick Morgan to inquire further.

Rick & Terri's daughter, Libby, married Jason Stibley in July of 2001 and she continues to be very active in showing. In May of 2002 Rick and Terri took on 3 sibling sisters and finalized the adoption of them in December of 2002! Ashley (4/98) Alyssa (4/99) and Madison (8/01) are wonderful children that have truely blessed us with their presence in our home. Challenge, YES, unsurmountable, HARDLY! Watch for their entertaining antics in the show ring. Our son John is not active with the dogs but is a wonderful BIG BROTHER to the girls and a great son. He lives in Grand Rapids, MI and we enjoy his visits whenever we can get them! Libby became an ASCA Breeder Judge following in her mom, Terri's footsteps and has completed the requirements for the Senior level. We are very proud of her. She is a paralegal for a small law firm in Denver and stays very busy. In October of 2018 Rick, Terri , Ashley, Alyssa and Madison made the move to NC.

We have been blessed with a very prepotent male line from our foundation sire HOF CH Briarbrooks Bishop Of Wyndridge, CD STDdsc Quincy. The next generation has been HOF Sire CH Carolina's Im CN Red, CD "Arby". The next sire in line has been HOF AKC/ASCA/CAN CH Calais OutAOptions, STDs Auggie ASCAs #1 Conformation dog for the 97-98 show year who has produced conformation, obedience and herding titled get. Auggie obtained HOF Status in 2002. The next generation is ASCA HOF USASA HOFX AKC/ASCA CH Carolinas Rave Reviews,HSAs, CD RV-O, JV-O, GV-N, STDc ATDsd ROMXIII, ROMIc Bronson who was the #1 ASCA conformation dog for the 98-99 show year following in his sires paw prints. He obtained HOFstatus at the young age of 5 1/2 years in 2002. Bronson has produced a HOF son (8th generation) "Ethan" and a #1 Conformation dog "Jax" (3rd generation) both of whom can be seen on his get page. Another male we have frozen semen on in CO is CH Calais Carolina Cadence "Cade". Cade had been doing a wonderful job as a sire.   ASCA/AKC CH Calais Carolina First In Flight STDs"Beckham".  Beckham has made his mark as a sire, achieving ASCA Hall of Fame status at the age of 6 years and continues to sire sound, versatile puppies with excellent temperaments. He is standing at stud to select bitches. We recently had the pleasure of bringing Beckham's littermate brother "Chandler" back home and he is now in Illinois with our dear friend Lynn Brodine living a wonderful life!

All of these dogs have links on our website so please enjoy the site and contact us with any questions or comments and thank you for visiting!

Thank you to EVERYONE for their tremendous support and for sharing our joy. We have been blessed with a wonderful family, awesome, supportive friends and talented beautiful dogs.

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