Dela & Crush "reflecting"
Damon leaping for joy (Belgium)
Photo Credit Nicaise.
"Tiva" the snow dog! Tiva(Maggie/Bravo litter) is owned/loved by the Spickert family
Thank you for this awesome photo!
Perfect Pose from left to right Emma, Molly, Gavin & Bennie
They did this all on their own being good watchful Aussies
Thank you for the great photo Angela Sanders (owned by these good dogs!)
Puppy Love
"Dodger" (blue)(Albert/Pepper)
"Bryn" (red merle)(Riley/Lane)
Owners: Tina Bauhs & Dave Williamson
Thank you Tina for the photo!
What Colorado and Aussies are all about. Phil & Vicky Mangan with "Reece" (Riley/Picabo) hiking a 14er.
Thank you Mangan's for the beautiful "Colorado and your Aussie" photos!
"Mushing Aussies"
Calais Carolina Glad All Over AX AXJ ,S-NAC, NJC, NGC "Changste" (red merle Jag/Haley) and Legends R Made For Ewe, AXJ, OA "Maddie" (black tri)
Owners:Reid Allan & Ann Chernoff-Allan with Ann on skis. They have a blast doing this!
Thanks for the great photo Ann & Reid!
"Fred"(Cade x Darcy) playing in the snow.
Thank you Brandy Esch for the photo
Fred's Owners - Charles & Marty Juriel
"Kiowa" (Patti/Gavin) with his friends Cheyenne & Foxie
Owners: John & Marcia Gallo Thayne, WY
"Rest & Relaxation enjoyed at Lake Superior"
akc/asca CH Calais Carolina Boon CD RN STDds "Boon",
Thank you owner Karen MacDonald for the photo.
Dudley (Sal x Yukon) & Tess (Carlie x Chase) on watch
Thank you Owners: Terry & Carlie Barnhart, Castle Rock, CO
"Boop" sporting her Daisy Duke panties. The newest in haute couture!
Jayden with CH Carolina Bayshore Birdcage "Albert"
(R)CH Calais Carolina Hot!Hot!Hot! "Spice" with dam (L)CH Lyric's Too Darn Hot "Pepper"
1st Place Brace 2005 ASCA National Specialty
Photo Gallery
"Jack" (Douxie X Cade)
with owner Henry Metternich (Germany)
2010 & 2012 ASCA National Breeder Showcase Winners
(l-r) Sal, Vinnie, Emmi, Huck & Piper
CH Calais Carolina Mustang Sally STDds"Sal"
CH Calais Carolina Vintage T-Bird "Vinnie"
CH Carolina Calais On The Fly "Emmi"
CH Carolina Calais Get UR Motor Running STDds "Huck"
CH Calais Carolina Fly Girl "Piper"

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"Mahiri" Korich Graduation
Cha Davis hiking and happy
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Selena Poplin
Cha letting the cow know where he stands....or goes!
Dianne Phelps photo credit
"Tuckerman"  (RobyxGeorgia)  photo credit Sandra McCarthy Photography
Vaquero in Reckenthal
Wildflowers on Shrine Pass, Colorado, 7/31//2013.
(Photos by Ken Papaleo//High Country Coloring)
Elizabeth (Libby) Stibley
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